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Kia ora and welcome to the Teaching, School, and Leadership Practices survey tool (TSP)

The Teaching, School, and Leadership Practices survey is a self-review tool for principals to gather useful information about three key aspects of practice and leadership that underpin effective teaching and learning, in the current New Zealand context.

The survey items are from robust research and are consistent with the Dimensions of Effective Pedagogy in the NZC, the Standards for the Teaching Profession, the Educational Leadership Capability Framework, and ERO’s School Evaluation Indicators. In 2023, we have made some minor updates to the survey items.

The TSP survey is now delivered on our NZCER Assist platform

This has led to changes in the registration process and how you will administer the survey and access reporting. Please see below for a summary of important changes to how TSP will operate in Assist.

  • Your school will need to be signed up to NZCER Assist to access the TSP survey. The registration process will provide access to NZCER Assist. The survey continues to be offered free of charge.
  • Once registered our team will support schools with assigning Assist users to TSP and what that means for accessing TSP reporting.
  • There is a new minimum reporting threshold for the Teacher survey. The Teacher survey report will be enabled once 5 or more responses are completed.
  • If you are a smaller school with 4 or fewer teachers, please read here for advice on engaging with the TSP survey tool.
  • Reporting for 2023 onward will be available on NZCER Assist. You can still access your historic reports by clicking ‘Login’ on the lefthand menu. Please note that access to historic reporting will be removed at the end of Term 2, 2023. Reports can be requested after this date by contacting our team at tspsurveys@nzcer.org.nz

The tool is free, quick, and confidential

The tool is open in Term 2 and 3. The teacher’s survey will take 15 to 20 minutes and the principal’s survey will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete. Both teachers and principals complete the School and Leadership Practices section, and principals have immediate access to reporting. Read here for important information about reporting for small schools with 4 or fewer responding teachers. Find out more in More about the tool and Getting Started